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How much do coworking spaces cost in India?

Imagine entering a vibrant community filled with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovators working passionately towards their goals. This buzzing environment is what defines a modern coworking space. These sharing offices have revolutionized how people work by offering flexibility, community, and affordable options.

How much do coworking spaces typically cost in India? Most operators offer flexible plans starting from around Rs.5000-7000 per desk per month. This allows access to their amenities like high-speed WiFi, conference rooms, lounges, cafeterias, etc. All-inclusive monthly packages ranging from Rs.10,000-20,000 provide dedicated desks and other benefits. So, for an affordable price, coworking allows professionals to enjoy the perks of a fully-equipped office without large overhead costs.

Coworking spaces emerged in India around 2010 as an alternative for startups and freelancers looking to break away from working remotely or from home. As more professionals adopted flexible working styles, demand grew for shared work environments outside the traditional office setup. Pioneering operators like East India Work, 91springboard and CoWrks offered the first such spaces in cities like Bengaluru and Delhi.

Key Takeaways from Coworking Space Pricing in India

People working in a Managed Office Space setup

Let us look at the key takeaways from Coworking space pricing in India:

Flexible and Affordable Options

Coworking spaces provide flexible pricing structures, allowing professionals to choose plans that suit their needs and budget. Members can opt for month-to-month desks for flexibility or longer term commitments for cost savings.

Depending on Your Needs

The price you pay depends on factors like the location of the coworking space, the amenities provided, and the type of membership. Spaces in premium areas of cities tend to be more expensive than others.

Average Cost to Work From a Coworking Space Includes

Dedicated Desks

  • Most dedicated desks range from Rs. 10,000 - 20,000 per month, including high-speed internet, utilities, and other perks.

Flexible Desks

  • Flexible drop-in desks are available from around Rs. 5,000-7,000 per month, providing access to the shared office space as per your schedule.

Virtual Offices

  • A virtual office with mail forwarding and a business address starts at roughly Rs. 3,000-5,000 per month.

So, coworking allows professionals to get fully-equipped office infrastructure at affordable prices based on their budgets and needs. The flexible structures help optimize costs for freelancers, startups, and growing businesses.

Coworking Space Market Overview

Coworkers working in a tech-enabled coworking space.

Here is an overview of the coworking market in India and the benefits it provides professionals:

Vibrant and Varied Coworking Community

The coworking sector has boomed over the past decade, with over 800 active spaces across major cities. Spaces cater to different needs, from small boutique setups to large flexible offices. They serve diverse clients - entrepreneurs, remote workers, consultants, startups, and more. Some spaces also focus on certain industries, like tech or creative fields.

Productive Environment and Perks

Working alongside like-minded people in a professional environment has been found to boost productivity. Coworking allows networking with other members to exchange ideas and find potential collaborators. They offer amenities that will enable you to work comfortably, like high-speed WiFi, meeting rooms, lounge areas, and pantry.

Affordable Alternative to Traditional Rent

Managed & serviced offices present a more budget-friendly solution for freelancers and startups than signing long office leases. Members pay only for what they use and scale as their needs grow. This provides cost savings that can be invested in the core business instead.

Challenges include limited options in some smaller cities or finding a space suitable for your specific industry. But overall, coworking has transformed how flexible professionals work in India. The evolving sector continues to empower new talent with community support and resources.

Costs and Factors Influencing Pricing

Here are the key factors that influence coworking space pricing in Indian cities like Kolkata and others too that one can accept:

What Affects the Price?

Comfy coworking space

Let us read on what would affect the price:

  • Location, location, location - Spaces in prime commercial areas and city business districts charge a premium. Rent in those areas is higher.

  • Amenities offered - Full-service spaces with many perks like conference rooms, lounges, free snacks, etc., cost more than basic setups.

  • Type of desk - Dedicated desks with your nameplate are pricier than hot desks booked for short periods.

  • Contract length - Longer commitments of 6-12 months see lower monthly fees than flexible month-to-month plans.

Average Coworking Space Costs

The average Coworking space would cost:

  • Hot Desks - Starting at Rs. 3,000-5,000/month for ad-hoc access to the shared working area.

  • Dedicated Desks - Expect to pay Rs. 8,000-15,000/month for a permanent desk.

  • Private Offices - Small 6-seat offices cost Rs. 25,000-40,000/month based on location.

  • Team Suites - Large 10-20 seater configurable rooms range from Rs. 50,000-1,00,000/month.

  • Virtual Offices - Address rental with mail forwarding is approx. Rs. 3,000-5,000/month.

So, costs vary depending on your workplace needs, budget, and flexibility. Coworking provides good value compared to traditional rentals.

Future of Coworking Spaces in India

The coworking industry in India has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and all indications point towards this being a long-term trend. As more professionals embrace flexible working and companies look for cost-effective solutions, the demand for well-designed shared office spaces will continue increasing.

Coworking was a relatively new concept in India when we started working remotely. There were only a few players operating small facilities in major cities. But today, coworking has well and truly taken off. A recent report estimates that the number of coworking spaces in India has grown by over 300% since 2015. Major operators are expanding aggressively, and even smaller towns are seeing new spaces opening.

Boom in the future for Coworking Spaces

This growth shows no signs of slowing down. Industry experts forecast that the Indian coworking market will be worth $2.72 billion by 2024. Some projections estimate it can grow to $5 billion by 2030 as penetration increases. As more professionals, startups, and SMEs embrace flexible work, the demand for high-quality shared offices on flexible terms will keep rising. Even large enterprises are expected to utilize coworking for certain functions.

A big boost for coworking came from government initiatives like Startup India. The program aims to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. Special startup hubs, funding schemes, and other benefits have encouraged more entrepreneurs to plunge. Coworking spaces have become a natural extension of these hubs, offering young companies plug-and-play offices close to resources and mentors. State governments have also set up incubators and accelerators, further boosting demand.

In the future, we expect policy support to continue empowering coworking. Initiatives that develop new startup clusters and provide funding or tax incentives can all help the sector grow. Coworking offers an affordable solution for entrepreneurs to test ideas. As more people embrace the flexibility and cost-savings of shared office models, India's coworking industry is poised for exponential growth in the coming years. The future remains bright for this sector.


How big should a coworking space be?

There is no definitive answer, as the ideal size depends on the needs and budget of each business. However, most coworking spaces range between 5,000 and 20,000 square feet to accommodate 20 to 100 members. It is large enough to foster interactions but manageable.

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