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Envision a workspace that comes with built-in service protocols that improve your team’s productivity and performance. Work stations and cabins tailor-made to showcase your brand’s authentic purpose and journey.
Now, let East India Works bring this vision to life!

Managed Office Space

Why Managed Offices in Kolkata?

  • Free your team of mundane administrative tasks forever.

  • No hassle of vendor and utility sourcing.

  • Unburden your accounts team with a single all-inclusive bill for all ops expenses.

  • Contemporary fit outs and operative protocols with the stability of traditional leases.

  • E.I.W.’s trained staff and SOPs guaranteed.

Managed & Serviced Offices in Kolkata

The privacy and security of traditional leased offices with the ease and convenience of flexible workspaces.

Urban model interior design managed office space
Coworking Space

Who requires Managed Offices?

  • Mid-sized teams.

  • Companies entering a new market / location, who want to move in fast.

  • Young teams starting out or growing businesses for whom cost certainty is an important factor to plan for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a managed service office?

A managed office in Kolkata is similar to a serviced office in that both provide flexible space operated by a separate party. However, the key difference with this type of office is that a managed office requires greater input from the tenant, with the space a blank canvas that needs to be filled.

2) What is a serviced office space?

A serviced office in Kolkata is a fully furnished office space ready for use with facilities provided and an operator to manage the property. This type of office is available for flexible, short-term rental on a rolling renewal basis.

3) Who uses serviced and managed offices in Kolkata?

Traditionally, serviced office spaces are popular among startups, small companies, and individual professionals.

Managed Office Space in Kolkata | Serviced Office Space in Kolkata | Managed Offices Near Me | Serviced Offices Near Me

If you are looking to set up a new workspace in the city, managed office spaces in Kolkata are a great option you can explore. Managed Offices provide an exciting alternative to traditional office space. With Managed Offices you can have the best of both worlds: the privacy and control of a traditional rental with the flexibility of a serviced office. You decide what you need and what you don't need – we'll take care of all your needs so you can focus on your business.


With a serviced office space in Kolkata, you no longer have to burden your business with additional administrative staff. Enjoy all-inclusive packages, and one bill for all amenities that your workspace needs. Forget about hiring and training your own facility management staff. Simply, outsource the office management tasks to us! We'll take care of everything from housekeeping to office management tasks like cleaning, repairs, security, and more.


Managed offices are a great option for any teams that are expanding to new regions and need support to make sure they are getting the best deals for great offices at key locations. Worrying about finding great vendors will be a thing of the past. We do all the groundwork for you and deliver a ready-to-move-in office while you focus on one thing only—your success.

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