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Discounts in coworking spaces

Refer us to a friend by filling out the form below.

They book a seat with us at our owned spaces.

You and your friend receive up to a 10% discount on your next bill.

We have had such great times with you at East India Works. We want to show you how much we appreciate your time with us, here’s an easy way to receive special membership discounts and cashback, by simply referring us to a friend.

Get loyalty discounts

Refer an amigo to the E.I.W. life and get exclusive discounts.🎉

Refer & earn

Loved the E.I.W. experience? Share it with a friend and win assured cashback!🎉


It was super fun working with you to help you find your community and coworking space that was a perfect match. We are looking for more go-getters like to grow our tribe in our various communities.

Refer East India Works to a friend, colleague, or buddy and win assured cashback for yourself and fun discounts for your pal.


 Launch Offer:

Get 1-day free trial

Sign up and get a 1-day free trial at E.I.W. Mission Row or E.I.W. Eden (Dalhousie)

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