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How are co-working spaces solving the problem of working remotely?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

How are co-working spaces solving the problem of working remotely?
How are co-working spaces solving the problem of working remotely?

Whether you are a freelancer, a remote employee, or a long-term WFHer, there must have been times when the home office was not it for you.

Have you been finding yourself daydreaming about the comforts of a reclining chair instead of the hard dining table chair?

Have you been missing the refreshing aroma of hot tea (that you don’t have to make yourself!) enjoyed over juicy bits of gossip with your favorite colleague?

Have you been longing for the quiet peace of your own private cabin over the noisy daily soap your next-door neighbour loves to watch during every one of your important meetings?

You want that workspace! You need that workspace! And more importantly, you deserve that workspace!

Don’t know the first thing about setting up your own offices? Don’t worry, you don’t have to.

If you still haven’t heard about it, coworking is the millennial upgrade to the age-old office leasing issues.

Here’s what you need to know about coworking:

Coworking is the carpool of office spaces. It is a working arrangement in which people from many teams and enterprises collaborate in a single common space. Shared facilities, services, and equipment are all part of the deal. Coworking spaces are community centers, collaboration hubs, and social spaces where people from all walks of life may join together to exchange ideas and think creatively.

The first coworking spaces appeared in the early 2000s. They attracted largely self-employed freelancers and digital entrepreneurs looking for a different ambience than coffee shops, office complexes, and home offices.

Since then, coworking has become a global phenomenon, and coworking spaces have adapted to keep up with the changing ways we work. In 2019, there were an estimated 19,000 coworking spaces worldwide.

Why share?

Not convinced to share your workspace with strangers? Understandable.

But here’s why you should.

  • Pay only for what you use:

A two-person team may not be able to justify renting an office space larger than 100 sq ft, but a 100 sq ft office is often cramped, stuffy, and in a shady corner of some old decrypt building. But coworking can solve this for you. When you rent out workstations at a coworking space you also get access to the rest of the space. Depending on the type of coworking space you have chosen this additional space can range from a couple of thousand square feet to a couple of floors. Not to mention the swanky interiors, hassle-free setups, complimentary air conditioning, and housekeeping that you do not even have to manage!

  • Customer Service:

While traditional landlords are feared creatures that you can only ward off with timely rent cheques, coworking spaces serve you. Their managers make sure you receive a bang for your buck by ensuring a great work environment, support for your business operations, and great SOPs that make your life easy. Makes sense doesn't it that it’s the paying customer that’s the recipient of services.

  • The add-ons (amenities):

If you are not persuaded yet, maybe this will sweeten the deal. Coworking spaces are looking for you just as much as you are looking for them. To win you over, most coworking spaces will add complimentary amenities to their services. Most commonly, these include complimentary stationery, tea/coffee, extra meeting room hours. Some spaces may even offer special discounts for services like SaaS tools, IT setups, and CA and HR services through exclusive brand tie-ups.

Ready to look for your own coworking space?

Google it! Well duh, if you haven't already, go ahead and google “Coworking Spaces Near Me”. Most coworking spaces are listed well on the internet, and you are only a few clicks away from finding one.

You can schedule a visit with the spaces you like and check them out in person. Some coworking spaces will also provide you with a free trial experience, which is an excellent way for you to test the waters, especially if you have never worked in a shared space before.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to do the leg work, there are companies who can do it all for you. Coworking aggregators are a one-stop-shop for multiple co-working options. All you have to do is fill out an inquiry form like this and their executives will reach out to you and support you through the process.

If you are looking for coworking spaces in Kolkata, you can check them out here.


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Seethalakshmi M
Sep 12, 2023

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lukman mansuri
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