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How East India Works is helping individuals find their ideal co-working space.

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

How East India Works is helping individuals find their ideal co-working space.
How East India Works is helping individuals find their ideal co-working space.

If I asked you to recall the last time you had to drive to a restaurant to pick up your favourite pizza, or the last time you had to walk up to a concession stand to buy tickets for the new SRK film, how long ago would you say it was?

I think it’s a safe bet to say that it may have been a long time ago.

Service based businesses like Uber, BookMyShow, Blinkit, Swiggy etc. are not so much creating something novel, as they are, in fact, adding onto existing products and services we have been using for ages.

Businesses are evolving with the end goal of adding convenience to our consumer experience.

No matter how great a product is, its popular consumption is very largely dependent on ease of access and safety. The presence of these dual features is what contributed to Uber’s success, not only did it bring the travelling experience to the palm of your hands but it also made you feel like you are making a safer choice by creating a database, tracking the bookings and movements of these vehicles, details of the drivers and other features like sharing your ride details in real-time with a trusted loved one.

Third party service providers evolve with the consumer’s experience in mind and can often prove to be your greatest ally.

East India Works was also built keeping YOU in mind.

We want to make sure that you find your ideal workspace as effortlessly as possible. And even though a perfect match is a great start, it is not the end of our journey with you. We will be with you through negotiations, contracts, onboarding and even after.

Our process starts way before you even start looking for office space.

Our expert team has great insight into price levels across the city’s coworking spaces, ensuring that you get the best possible price. We also understand all the additional qualities that go into making a great office. If you’re a foodie, ask our experts about the restaurants near the space you’re considering, concerned about travel time, we already have details on how accessible the space is.

Our team makes personal visits to each of our space partners to understand exactly what you will experience when you enter through their doors.

We reach out to our space partners and understand what unique opportunities and experiences you can have at their spaces-this makes sure that you find your tribe, a community where you can grow, both professionally and individually.

Once you fill in your details you will receive a personalized proposal based on your specific requirements for a space that will feel like it was designed for you.

We understand how precious your time is. We take all your scheduling worries away from you, by fixing up your hub tour on your calendar.

Our phone lines are open for you while you take your time to consider your options. Want a sounding board to help you pick your ideal coworking spaces? You can count on us for some sage advice rooted in deep industry knowledge.

If you have never signed a leasing/rental agreement before, don’t worry, we have! We talk you through the legal lingo and analyze processes to ensure they are industry standard.

Once you’ve settled in and are enjoying your coworking space, we are still just a ping away.

East India Works is committed to a great experience for you. With a people centric approach and an emphasis on experience design, we are certain that we can help you find not just a great coworking space but a work life you have always dreamed of.

Sure you'll work hard, but let us work harder.

Drop your query below, and we'll get to work while you sit back and relax.